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3 Tickets to Buy Before You Go

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Rome sees thousands of visitors each year so ticket lines for top sites and museums can be very long. The number of visitors allowed inside is limited in most sites, too, so you may need to buy tickets to be assured of entrance. These are the 3 most important tickets to buy before you go to Rome:

Roman Colosseum Tickets

The ancient Colosseum is Rome’s most visited site and it can be very crowded. When you buy a ticket in advance, it will have a specific entrance time so you can skip the ticket line and go straight to the security line to enter. All visitors must go through security. Your Colosseum ticket also includes entrance to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill which you can visit any time within 24 hours.

The Roma Pass also allows you to skip the ticket line but you must reserve your Colosseum entry time in advance online. You can buy a 48 hour or 72 hour Roma Pass online through Tiqets.

Or skip the line and go through security more quickly with a guided tour such as these tours with Walks of Italy:

More tours and tips: Colosseum tours, visiting tips, and security

Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

A visit to Rome often includes seeing the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel which see about 5 million visitors a year. Because the huge complex is so popular the ticket lines can be extremely long, sometimes several hours.

Avoid the wait by buying skip-the-line Vatican Museum tickets before you go. The Omnia Vatican and Rome Card, good for 3 days, also allows you to skip the ticket line at the Vatican Museums.

The Vatican Museums are huge and almost always very crowded so it’s a good idea to book a tour to have someone guide you through the highlights (and skip the ticket line). For the best experience, take a before or after hours tour. Explore Vatican Tours with Walks of Italy.

More tours and visiting tips: Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

Borghese Gallery

While there’s no ticket line to avoid, reservations are mandatory to visit the Borghese Gallery. Entrances are every 2 hours. The number of guests allowed to be inside is limited so when your 2 hours are up, you need to exit. It’s recommended to be at the museum 30 minutes before your reserved time in order to be assured of entrance.

Buy Borghese Gallery Tickets from Tiqets or on the Borghese Gallery website. Or book a Borghese Gallery Small Group Guided Tour.

Security Notes

Security has been tightened at many sites in Rome and the Vatican. You may have to go through a metal detector. Luggage, backpacks, and other big items are not allowed. Be sure to arrive well in advance of the entrance time on your ticket.

In crowded tourist areas such as around the Colosseum or the Vatican, take precautions to avoid pickpockets. Keep valuables, including your passport, where they can’t easily be stolen. It’s a good idea to use a security pouch that can be worn under your clothing for carrying your passport, credit cards, and extra cash and always keep an eye on your belongings.

Plan Your Visit to Rome

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