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For those who would like to read more about Rome than just guidebooks, I’ve put together a list of books that go further into Rome’s culture and food. These books can be useful and fun for first-timers, repeat visitors, or anyone just interested in reading about Rome.

Eating in Rome

One of the pleasures of visiting Rome is enjoying its food. These books will lead you to the right places for good foodie experiences.

  • Eating Rome: Living the Good Life in the Eternal City
    Elizabeth Minchilli, who has lived in Rome for many years, takes readers to her favorite places to eat, food markets, bars, bakeries, and coffee and gelato shops. Elizabeth takes readers on a journey to discover the foods, traditions, and neighborhoods of Rome. For first-timers and repeat visitors, Eating Rome is an excellent resource. It’s also full of beautiful photos.

More Tips from Locals

  • Un Amico Italiano: Eat, Pray, Love in Rome
    If you read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book you probably remember Luca Spaghetti. Yes he’s a real person and in his book he shares stories about daily life, language, food, and soccer in Rome.

Rome Memoirs

Take a look at Rome through the eyes of expats who lived in the eternal city:

Not the Usual Guidebook

If you’ve been to Rome and seen the top sights, try these books.

Plan Your Visit to Rome

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