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3 Tickets to Buy Before You Go

Florence is home to two of Italy’s top museums, the Uffizi Gallery and Accademia, home of the famous statue of David. Since they are so popular, ticket lines can be very long. You don’t want to spend your vacation standing in line, or worse miss being able to see the things you want, so it’s best to buy tickets in advance. Here’s how to buy tickets for these top museums or tours before you go to Florence:

Uffizi Gallery Tickets

The Uffizi Gallery is one of Italy’s most visited museums, seeing about 2 million visitors a year, so it can get very crowded. Founded in the 16th century to house the Medici family art collection, it’s one of the world’s oldest art galleries. There are 45 rooms filled with thousands of art works, ranging from sculptures to Renaissance and Baroque paintings. Botticelli’s Birth of Venus if probably the most famous painting. Top artists whose works you can see in the Uffizi include Michelangelo, da Vinci, Raphael, Giotto, and Titian. If you can, reserve your tickets for early morning (the museum usually opens at 8:15 and is closed on Mondays) so you’ll have a little time with fewer visitors. Plan for at least 2 hours inside the museum.

Skip the ticket line by buying tickets in advance or booking a guided tour:

Accademia Gallery

While the most famous work in the Accademia is Michelangelo’s David, there is a huge collection of Renaissance art to see including a couple of other works by Michelangelo, paintings by Sandro Botticelli, and a room dedicated to Giotto. There’s also a small gallery of musical instruments.

Book an Accademia Morning Guided Tour or Best of Florence Walking Tour With David & The Duomo.

To visit on your own, buy Accademia Gallery Priority Entrance tickets or tickets through B-ticket.

uffizi gallery photo
Uffizi Gallery, Image source: Select Italy

Duomo Dome

Climb the magnificent cathedral Dome and go out on the terrace for amazing views of Florence. Book in advance to avoid the long line.

Take the VIP David & Duomo Tour: Early Accademia Tour & Skip the Line Dome Climb with Exclusive Terrace Access or book Florence Cathedral Fast Track + Guided Tour of the Dome.

Visiting Florence

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