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Recommended Books for the Italophile on Your List

These books make perfect gifts for anyone who loves Italy, is planning a trip, or just enjoys armchair travel. Of course you might want to buy a couple for yourself as well. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, which helps defer the cost of bringing you this free information.

  • Historical Fiction Novels Set in Venice are also great gifts for someone who enjoys reading about Venice and learning about Venice’s history, from convents to courtesans and the city’s historic workshops and traditional arts.
  • Our Recommended Rome Books include tips from locals, places to eat, unusual guide books, and memoirs of living in Rome.
  • For the traveler or armchair traveler who enjoys discovering lesser-known places, Basilicata:Authentic Italy by Karen Haid takes the reader on a journey through the Basilicata region of southern Italy. More than just a guide book, Karen relates tales of her visits along with descriptions of the sights, food, and people.
  • For the cook on your list, Cucina Povera by Pamela Sheldon Johns, a former cookbook director who now teaches cooking classes in Tuscany, is a unique gift. It has recipes based on traditional peasant dishes of Tuscany, stories about the local people from whom Pamela learned about these foods, and beautiful photos.
Most of the above books are also available for Amazon Kindle, which makes a great gift, especially for someone who likes to travel and doesn’t want to carry along a lot of books.

This post may contain affiliate links to sites I believe are of benefit to travelers. There is no cost to you but the small amount of revenue helps defer the cost of bringing you this free information.

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