Book Review: All the Way to Italy
A modern tale of homecoming through generations past

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All the Way to Italy: A modern tale of homecoming through generations past , by Flavia Brunetti, is the story of a young woman who returns to Rome after spending most of her childhood in San Francisco. When her father dies, she comes to Rome planning to return to San Francisco as soon as possible. During her stay she learns more about events from her past and the city of Rome itself, finding her roots and a new understanding of both her family and herself.

All the Way to Italy alternates between three different time periods – the present, the time around World War II, and the more recent past when the main character was a young child still living in Rome with her parents. Although each of these time periods is a different story, the book moves easily between them and eventually they’re all tied together. I enjoyed the slow revelations of the past events and how they shaped the present.

Although I enjoyed the stories, the highlight for me was Flavia’s rich depictions of Rome and other places in Italy that she visits. Her vivid descriptions made me feel like I was right there with her. So one story line is really a travelogue within the novel.

Most of the plot revolves around conflicts, both family conflicts from the past and the main character’s conflict in the present between her Italian roots and her identity with San Francisco. I recommend All the Way to Italy for readers who like women’s literature and those who enjoy arm chair travel to Italy.

Book description excerpt from Italy Book Tours:

In this powerful story of mixed cultures in a world trying to globalize, one girl’s struggle to leave her home behind will lead her back to the women in her family and the memories each of them has safeguarded through the generations.

Meet the author, Flavia Brunetti

Born just outside of Rome, Flavia Brunetti grew up bouncing back and forth between Italy and California, eventually moving back to the Eternal City and confirming her lifelong commitment to real gelato. Flavia holds a Master of Arts degree in Government and Politics from St. John’s University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from John Cabot University. Today she travels the world working for an international humanitarian organization and spends her free time writing and wandering around her beloved Roma in constant search of bookstores and the perfect espresso.

Read more about the book and author and see more places to buy the book on Italy Book Tours.

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All the Way to Italy by Flavia Brunetti

Disclaimer: I was provided with a review copy of the book by Italy Book Tours, however that did not influence this article.

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