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52 Things to See and Do in Calabria

Do you love to explore places that aren’t yet overrun with tourists, places that not everyone knows about? Calabria, the region of southern Italy known as the toe of the boot, is still a place where you can get off the beaten track and feel like you’ve taken a step back in time.

Calabria has a lot to offer but if you don’t know where to look you may feel baffled and there’s not a lot written about this region. The best way to discover Calabria is with the help of a local. That’s where Michelle Fabio comes in. Michelle is an American who moved to the Calabrian village of her ancestors and has lived there for more than 10 years.

In 52 Things to See and Do in Calabria, Michelle shares her discoveries in the fascinating region and helps the reader experience the places and things to do that might be of interest to foreigners but might be off the usual tourist radar. There’s not much written about Calabria in English so this makes an excellent choice if you want to know more about Calabria or take a virtual tour. Since it’s an e-book it’s easy to carry with you.

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Photo of Cosenza, Calabria, by Michelle Fabio

In 52 Things to See and Do in Calabria, you’ll discover beaches and seaside towns, cities, mountains, and parks. For each place in the book, Michelle gives a detailed itinerary and includes some history or interesting facts as well as special local foods or festivals. It’s written in an interesting way, going beyond what you’d find in the usual guidebook, and illustrated with appealing photos.

Reading Michelle’s book made me wish I was in Calabria. I discovered new places and things I didn’t know about the region and I enjoyed reading about the places I’d been, seeing them in a new light. Now I’m eager to head to the toe again!

Even if you’re not planning a trip to Calabria, this book is great for armchair travel and maybe as you read it, you’ll decide you just have to go. Having a local tell you about the places to go is the next best thing to being there.

Read more about Michelle’s experiences and life in Calabria on her blog, Bleeding Espresso or see the main places to go on our Calabria Map and Guide.

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