9 Travel Essentials

Essential Travel Items

These travel essentials are all items I have used myself (except the last one) and recommend for anyone planning an overseas trip. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, which helps defer the cost of bringing you the free information on my site.

  • A travel money belt that fits around the waist is also a good choice for carrying cash, credit cards, and a passport safely.
  • For easily carrying toiletries and keeping them organized, a hanging toiletry bag is a great solution that makes packing and unpacking small items easy.
  • Convenient for day trips, walking around town, and shopping, this lightweight packable day pack folds up and fits in its own pouch for carrying ease when not in use.
  • For shopping or as an extra bag for those souvenirs, a foldable travel duffel bag is very useful. This one is available in 4 different sizes.
  • While I haven’t used this, it looks nice for a long trip – travel Kit for the airplane includes an inflatable pillow, eye shield, blanket, and ear plugs in a handy carrying bag.

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