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Explore Italian Food in Modena

If you love Italian food and culture or just want to learn more about it, Italian Culinary Adventures is the tour for you! I highly recommend this tour – it was educational and well-planned as well as being a lot of fun!

As guests of Italian Culinary Adventures for three days in fall of 2022, we visited artisan prosciutto and Balsamic vinegar makers and a Parmesan cheese factory and had dinner in a small winery in the hills. That was just the first day! The next day included a walking tour of Modena’s historic center with tastings, a visit to the covered market, and lunch at a highly coveted restaurant where it’s nearly impossible to get a table. Of course you could arrange some of these things for yourself although it was much easier to have it organized for us, along with comfortable transportation and a translator.

Our Modena hotel was comfortable and well-located, easy to access by car or train and a short walk into the historic center. Transportation to places not reachable on foot was provided by a small bus that picked us up right in front of the hotel.

modena pastry shop
Modena Tour by James Martin

Discover Emilia-Romagna

Emilia-Romagna is the heartland of Italian cuisine, the home of classic Italian foods such as Parmesan cheese, prosciutto, and Balsamic vinegar. Italian Culinary Adventure is based in Modena, a small city between Parma and Bologna. A visit to Bologna, often touted as Italy’s top gourmet city, is a day trip on one of the tour days and includes a fun cooking class and lunch. Modena, the home of Enzo Ferrari, is also the heart of Motor Valley and you’ll get to visit the Ferrari Museum just outside the city, too.

prosciutto factory
Prosciutto factory tour

Italian Culinary Adventures

Italian Culinary Adventures is run by Rhonda Vilardo, former co-owner of Tuscan Women Cook. Using her enthusiasm and experiences with Italian food in Tuscany, Rhonda has created a unique and exciting program that goes beyond the usual food tour week of cooking and eating. Rhonda is assisted by Claire Berger, also formerly a part of Tuscan Women Cook, and Ariana Moldovan, born and raised in Tuscany. Ariana is fluent in English and acts as the site interpreter as well as offering cultural tidbits. They all work together to provide an unforgettable experience in the heart of Italy’s food land.

italian culinary adventures tour leaders
Italian Culinary Adventures Tour Leaders: Claire, Rhonda, Adriana. Photo by James Martin

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