The Sinis Peninsula & Cabras: Western Sardinia

Archaeology, Beaches, Wetlands, and Ancient Churches

Where in the world can you get around easily by car, park anywhere, and experience an enormous variety of attractions, including:

  • Tharros – a spectacularly situated archaeological site on the thin stiletto blade that separates the Mediterranean sea and the Gulf of Oristano. It’s not just a little Roman port, Phoenicians were said to have founded the city around the 8th century BC, and wasn’t abandoned until 1050. Currently, folks in the know think the site is older, pushing the dates back to the Bronze age and the time of the ancient stone towers called Nuraghi.
  • Just north of the archaeological area is Sardinia’s second oldest church, founded in the 6th century.
  • San Salvatore – a town used for Spaghetti Westerns. Folks have homes here that get used during festival season. See the 4th century hypogeum under the church. A barefooted run takes place on the first Sunday of November, and recalls the time when the locals saved Saint Salvatore’s simulacrum from the marauding Saracens by running together and kicking up enough dust to make themselves look like a gigantic advancing army.
  • Cabras, a town on the edge of the Cabras marsh which, together with other wetlands on the Sinus Peninsula make up some of the most important wetlands in Europe. Waters teem with grey mullet, eel, sand steenbras and sea bass. If you’re lucky you can see the characteristic reed fishing boats (fassonis) built from marsh grasses dried in the sun just like the ancient Phoenicians. Museo Civico Giovanni Marongiu holds some of the Giants of Mont’e Prama, enormous sculptures found guarding a grave site on Monte Prama.
cabras museum, perhistoric giant statues
Prehistoric giant statues in the Museum of Cabras, Sardinia.
  • Is Arutas Beach – A beach with sand made of small, round quartz grains, ranging in color from pink to light green to white. There are many recommended beaches along the Sinis peninsula, but this one is tops. Surfers also like this area. Trattoria da Attilio Chiosco Is Arutas is a great place for a seafood lunch by the sea, open from April through October.

Where to Stay

Agriturismo S’Incant’e Sinis is a relatively new lodging option. If you zoom into its location on the map, all you’ll see is an agricultural field. Well, today the agriturismo is one of the top places to stay and right in the middle of the attractions listed here.

Aquae Sinis is an Albergo Diffuso, meaning it has little habitations spread out in an area, plus a central gathering place where you can have breakfast. In this case they’ve reused three ancient seventeenth-century residences Cabras near the wetlands.

Map Showing Cabras and the Museum

Zoom out to see the entire Sinis Penninsula.

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