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Explore the Heel of the Boot

Explore southern Puglia in Salento by 5: Friendship, Food, Music and Travel Within the Heel of Italy’s Boot, an unusual travel book written and illustrated by 5 friends – 3 locals and 2 travelers from California. Salento by 5 gives the reader a diverse look at the traditions, history, food, and sights of the Salento Peninsula from 5 different perspectives.

Stories are told by 3 English-speaking teachers from the Salento Peninsula who have befriended a couple from the US, Audrey and David Fielding. Over the years Audrey and David make many visits to the coast town of Otranto and their friends introduce them to the many charms and secrets of Salento, an area still somewhat off the beaten track for tourists from the US.

otranto bay sketch
Otranto Bay, Sketch by David Fielding, Image source: Salento by 5

Audrey, a writer, records their experiences in a journal, while David, a sketcher, creates his memories in watercolor. They use these memoirs to create a book with their friends who also add their unique voices: Luciana Cacciatore recounts the area’s history with stories about her family and their land, Carlo Longo talks about the music and traditions, and Lucia Erriquez introduces us to the foods and cooking traditions.

Audrey and David recount their experiences and trials of trying to learn the language and understand the culture, as well as letting the reader discover Salento as they did. You’ll feel like you’re right there with them.

Not only do their personal stories make a great introduction to the region but each author suggests their favorite places to go and things to do in Puglia in sidebars throughout the book. You’ll discover places to eat, beaches, and sights that are off the tourist radar. Recipes are included throughout the book as well.

Salento by 5 is part travelogue, part guide book, and part cookbook but it’s much more than that. Personal stories by locals take the reader beyond the usual travelogue and really give a sense of the place. Even if you’ve been to Puglia, you’re likely to discover some new things, as I did, and enjoy a different perspective about places you may have already been.

salento coast sketch
Odysseus' Shore, Sketch by David Fielding, Image source: Salento by 5

For those not familiar with the location, the Salento Peninsula is the Lecce province of Puglia, shown in light brown on this Puglia map. See 5 places to go in Salento for more about the area. And if you’ve never been, Salento by 5 is a fantastic introduction.

olive trees sketch
Olive Trees and Shed, Sketch by David Fielding, Image source: Salento by 5

See more examples of David’s sketches and photos in the Salento by 5 Gallery.

otranto pier sketch
Otranto Pier, Sketch by David Fielding, Image source: Salento by 5

Salento by 5 was published by Gemelli press. More from Gemelli press: Coins in the Fountain: A Midlife Escape to Rome.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a review copy of the book by the publisher, however that did not influence this article.

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  1. David Fielding

    As one of the five authors of SALENTO BY 5, I can safely say that all five of us are honored that you, Martha, enjoyed our book about Salento. Writing (or sketching) about an area that three of us love as our traditional home and that the two others of us have come to treasure as the perfect Italian travel destination, was not without its conflicts. Salento is a gem. And one reason is its lack of overwhelming tourism that has afflicted much of Italy. So, we describe the area with appreciation for its charms, but we hope its increasing popularity will not cause it to suffer change too drastically. One thing is certain, however, no amount of tourists should affect the incredible sociability and graciousness of its residents. All of the beaches, the olive studded landscape, the history infused Greek and Roman villages, pale in comparison with the welcome offered by its residents. We hope that all comes through in the book.

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