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Martha Bakerjian has traveled extensively in Italy for more than 30 years and currently has a home in the Lunigiana region, an off the tourist track part of northern Tuscany, where she spends about half the year, using it as a base to explore Italy and participating in local activities and culture. She enjoys going to traditional festivals, visiting historic sites, exploring undiscovered towns, and sampling the regional cuisine.

On this site we’ll share our Italian travels and recommendations, not only in the popular places like Rome and Tuscany but also in the special hidden places we enjoy and that the typical tourist might overlook. Martha has traveled to all of Italy’s 20 regions and is passionate about sharing her vast travel experiences with others.

Martha’s first Italian experiences were on the island of Sardinia as a member of the staff for an archaeological project with participants from the US, where she did the shopping, cooked traditional Italian cuisine for the crew, and managed the dig house for 5 summers. While Sardinia still remains one of her favorite regions, she is also very fond of her undiscovered part of Tuscany but she still enjoys discovering new places or revisiting old ones.

Martha Bakerjian’s Writing Experience

Martha currently assists in editing Wandering Italy. She produced the Italy Travel site on About.com for 10 years. She has also written about Italy on The Grand Wine Tour, Bindu Trips, HomeAway UK blog, and Qatar Airlines Inflight Magazine. She wrote the Puglia and Italy apps for Sutro Media.

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