Palazzo Valentini Roman Houses

Ancient Rome Comes to Life in a Multimedia Museum

Ancient Roman ruins can be found almost anywhere below the modern city of Rome and several underground sites are open to the public. Palazzo Valentini, by Trajan’s Column and Market, has made a unique display of the excavation under the palazzo in a multimedia museum. A glass walkway covers the remains of Roman houses and baths and a multi-media presentation brings the ancient site to life.

palazzo valentini photo
Glass floor over Roman house in Palazzo Valentini, Image Source: Select Italy

Viewing the Roman Site Under Palazzo Valentini

Excavations have uncovered parts of Roman houses, baths, and a Roman road. The tour takes you above the excavations on a series of walkways and lights are used to point out special features. Visitors see beautiful mosaic floors and wall decorations.

These remains are enhanced by a multimedia show that recreates how the rooms might have actually looked during Roman times by projecting images into the rooms and onto the walls. It’s a unique way of presenting ruins that allows visitors to have a better idea of what they’re seeing.

Most of the audio presentation is recorded and the English is very clear and easy to understand. The guide leads the group through the rooms, directs attention to the correct places, and answers questions.

palazzo valentini photo
Lights show how a Roman house below Palazzo Valentini might have looked. Image Source: Select Italy

Deciphering Trajan’s Column

After an hour of walking and standing, visitors are led into a room to sit and watch a very interesting video. Trajan’s Column, directly outside the Palazzo, tells the story of Trajan’s military campaign. The video gives visitors a virtual look at the stories depicted by the bas reliefs on the column. It’s a fascinating look at how important stories were made available to the general public and the video gives a much closer look than one can see just by looking at the column.

photo of trajan's column in rome
Part of Trajan's Column by Trajan's Market in Rome

Palazzo Valentini Visiting Information

Palazzo Valentini is open to visitors on specially guided tours lasting about 1 1/2 hours. Ticket reservations are required and should be made early if you want to be sure to be on an English speaking tour. Some tours are also available in Spanish, German, or French. Buy Palazzo Valentini tickets for a tour in English.

Visiting Hours: Wednesdays through Mondays, 9:30 – 18:30. Closed Tuesdays, January 1, May 1, and December 25.

Entrance: via Foro Traiano 85, in front of Trajan’s Column. You must take your voucher to the cashier inside the small book shop at the entrance to pick up your tickets. There are lockers where you can leave your backpacks or large bags as they are not allowed inside.

Palazzo Valentini Web Site

roman mosaic floor
Mosaic floor from a Roman house under Palazzo Valentini. Image Source: Select Italy

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